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Add Poetry To Your Living Space...

At Pak Persian Carpets, we pride ourselves on the diverse range of hand knotted carpets, and hand woven kelims, that we have in stock at any one moment.

Let’s start aby asking where they come from, and in no order of importance, Iran (Persia), Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia – Turkmenistan, the Caucasus and Uzbekistan, Pakistan and India. Each one of these producing areas produce carpets both good and poor, our role is to set a standard of quality in relation to price.

We would like your visit to one of our galleries to be a journey of discovery. A discovery of colour, pattern, texture, durability, and allow your self to be guided to understand where your heart sings.

On this site allow us to further break the countries of origin, into the many and diverse styles by splitting them into two further groups.

These carpets have their origin over three thousand years, evolving slowly and where tradition kept the colours and patterns regionally specific. Browse through these pictures and note how they can be further broken down into designs that are fiercely floral to fiercely geometric, and blurred or mixed designs in the middle.

Traditional or Classical Carpets

Up until about 40 years ago pretty much every carpet available fell into the traditional group, the Persian carpet world were traditionalist, and inflexible to change and even resistant to experimenting with colour. But things had to change, and by adopting fashion colours, and bold pattern, suddenly the Persian Carpet became a fashion item, and constantly evolving, the Modern carpet was born. Page through this selection of images and feel the difference.

Modern Carpets

We have monthly specials to ensure that you get the best product at the best price.

Monthly Specials


Our fine Persian rugs are essentially pieces of hand-crafted art, worthy of your love and care. At Pak Persian we understand this, and provide free expert advice on caring for your treasured investment in Persian and Oriental rugs, as long as it is needed. If you need any other information, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.